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Our Story

Style is Craftsmanship

OFC began as an endeavor to fill my house with unique hand built furniture and custom made finishings. Upon completion of these items, I discovered that everyone should enjoy such indulgences and wanted to supply them to as many homes as possible.

At the heart of my work are the raw materials. The materials range from found rustic wood to copper pipes to used windows. I use items which have character, texture, and contrast. I enjoy challenging myself to think outside of the box when using new materials such as a door from an 1800s farmhouse or weathered lathe discovered in an early 1900s garage. In the end, each item is completely original, and that is what keeps my interest and passion alive. Through the variations and differences, I enjoy seeing what each piece will become.

Whether you are looking for a piece of furniture in particular, or you are looking for a unique gift for someone, or you do not have any idea what your personal style is, I want everyone to be assured that your every need will be met. If you are the person who does not know what exact style you are going for, I will be happy to assist you in visualizing your own unique piece of custom built furniture or accessory.

Thank you for sharing my passion with me.

Some Interesting Facts


We’re a family business.


Been building my entire life, but left corporate to pursue my passion.


Buddy Dog. He’s lazy, but still comes to work on time.


I limit myself to 3 projects at a time. Dedication and laser focus are essential.

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The Team

Creative craftmanship personified

Nick Offenbacher
Nick Offenbacher
Buddy Offenbacher
Buddy Offenbacher

  • Not only does his work have a super clean & eye-catching design, but it’s also very practical. He puts a lot of thought into how each piece will look in your home. We would have spent triple than that elsewhere and we got higher quality custom work!

    Jill Murphy· Hoboken, NJ
  • 2 years ago Nick built us a gorgeous farmhouse coffee table that we plan to use forever. The quality and attention to detail in Nick’s work is amazing. He is a true artist.

    Andy Quirk· Philadelphia, PA
  • Nick has always been straightforward in his assessments and is a man of his word…that is something special in this day and age. OFC did our office desk, high top table, and bathroom mirror. He’ll do all of our future project, no question.

    Kristen Kramer· Philadelphia, PA


Experienced and comprehensive help for a wide range of needs.

Custom Work

Attention to detail.  Pinpoint accuracy.

Personal Attention

We don’t bite off more than we can chew.


If you think it, we will build it.

What we offer?

Custom Furniture

This is what we specialize in and is a true collaboration between the client and creator…. We start off with the initial consultation to discuss what you are looking for and ideally meet at the location wi which the services are needed. This will help us gain an idea of what dimensions we are working with and allows us to offer other suggestions while we are on the property. After understanding what you as the client are looking for, we then draw up the proposal and price estimate. This will include room for discussion on our second meeting and will allow us to visualize your space with the piece(s) we are proposing. Once the proposal is agreed on and the final plans are done we start the fun part of looking for the materials that will bring your piece to life.

OFC Original Piece

These are pieces that we have designed and have already finished and on hand, or more commonly, we make to order usually within a week and deliver and setup for no charge (within the he greater Philadelphia area). These pieces can range form a 7 piece outdoor sectional couch to a custom shelf made from reclaimed wood and the OFC trademark patina towel rack. The great thing about Handcrafted originals is that the general look may not be the only one in existence but each piece is a little different and nothing is mass produced and we NEVER use fake wood which is what makes things unoriginal with a very short lifespan.quality is what we build and that is reflected in the work and satisfaction guarantee that comes with everything we make.

Interior/Exterior Design

a large part of the custom process as mentioned above, is getting to know what the client wants and desires their space to feel like. Sometimes this is a process that the client likes to do on their own and only wants help on the furniture side. There are other folks who seek guidance form a professional and that is where we step in. We not only provide the service ourself but we also partner with other interior design firms if necessary to collaborate to better serve the client. We don’t feel that every piece of business is the always thing and while we try to meet every potential clients needs there are always times where we know that partnering is better for the client which is priority # 1. See the portfolio for a complete backyard transformation and partially finished basement to entirely finished high end 4th floor to get a better idea of what this process looks like.


The last service we offer is one that offers a wide variety of options much like the previously mentioned services. The two main services that our clients choose is to have an idea of a piece or an actual piece that they already found or would like us to find for sale and rehab it into the style or finish of their liking. This is often a more cost effective way to go about finding that piece to tie your room together or fill that new home up with new furniture when you’re on a tighter budget. The other option is for us to restore a piece that a client owns and wants to be restored to its former glory or change the look into something a little different using parts from a piece or several. The main goal of all of our services is to give the client options and as many options as we can while still maintaining the level of perfection and precision that the work demands. We hope this helps to explain what we do and we look forward to working with you.

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